Coaxial Cable

An electrical cable that has an inner conductor enclosed by a tubular insulating layer, and then enclosed again, this time, by a tubular conducting shield, is commonly referred to as Coaxial cable or Coax Cable. An insulating outer sheath or jacket is also commonly seen with this type of cable. Custom made coaxial cable is a kind of transmission line, which is utilized to carry high frequency electrical signals with low losses.

Description of SHONSIN Coaxial Cable

Custom made coaxial cables conduct a signal through an inner copper conductor which can be solid or stranded.  Surrounding this inner conductor is an insulating layer commonly referred to as the dielectric. The dielectric material helps maintain consistent electrical properties when in use.  Typically the next layer would be the shielding.  Then there would be a metallic braid or tape shield covering the dielectric.  Shielding protects the loss of signal and prevents electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).  Lastly, there would be an overall cable jacket which could be one of many different types.

Electric and magnetic fields are restricted to the dielectric with little leakage outside the shield, and this is one of the main advantages of Coaxial Cables. Additionally, interference from electric and magnetic fields outside the cable are largely kept away from the interior signals inside the cable. These properties are what make the coaxial cable a great option for carrying weak signals that are unable to tolerate interference from external factors or for stronger electrical signals that must not be allowed to radiate or pair off into adjacent structures or circuits. Also, larger diameter cables and cables with multiple shields have less leakage.

Main Coaxial Cable in SHONSIN

At SHONSIN Cable, RF Coaxial Cable and RG Coaxial Cable are the classifications of Coaxial Cable. Sending radio frequency signals is one of the common uses of RF cables which is one type of coaxial cable available at SHONSIN. Another application of RF cables is fir use in sending video information to a TV set. RG is a designation for different types of coaxial cable. For example RG178, RG316.

We have Coaxial Cable in stock as follows:

Cable TypeImpedanceConductorInsulatorShieldingJacket
SizeConstructionMaterialDiameterMaterialCopper FoilBraidingMaterialOverall DiameterMaterial
RF Coaxial Cable 0.64B503670.05SPC0.41FEPNone23 / 0.05(S)TC0.64FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 0.81B503670.05SPC0.41FEPNone48 / 0.05TC0.81FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 0.81C503670.05SPC0.41FEPNone48 / 0.05SPC0.81FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 0.81D503670.05SPC0.41FEP24 / 0.05TC0.81FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.13A503270.08TC0.68FEPNone64 / 0.05TC1.13FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.13B503270.08SPC0.68FEPNone64 / 0.05TC1.13FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.13C503270.08SPC0.68FEPNone64 / 0.05SPC1.13FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.13D503270.08SPC0.68FEP64 / 0.05TC1.13FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.37A503070.10TC0.87FEPNone80 / 0.05TC1.37FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.37B503070.10SPC0.87FEPNone80 / 0.05TC1.37FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.37C503070.10SPC0.87FEPNone80 / 0.05SPC1.37FEP
RF Coaxial Cable 1.37D503070.10SPC0.87FEP80 / 0.05TC1.37FEP
RG178 Coaxial Cable A503070.10TC0.87FEPNone48 / 0.10TC1.80FEP
RG178 Coaxial Cable B503070.10SPC0.87FEPNone48 / 0.10TC1.80FEP
RG178 Coaxial Cable C503070.10SPC0.87FEPNone48 / 0.10SPC1.80FEP
RG316 Coaxial Cable B502770.178SPC1.50FEPNone48 / 0.10TC2.50FEP
RG316 Coaxial Cable C502770.178SPC1.50FEPNone48 / 0.10SPC2.50FEP
  SPC: Silver Plated Copper
  TC: Tinned Copper
  S: Spiral

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