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Control cables are multi-conductor cables used in automation and instrumentation applications.  Control cables can measure and regulate transmissions of automated processes. UL2464, UL2725 and UL20276 are most common control cables. They typically are shielded with a foil shield, braid shield or combination of the two.

Description of SHONSIN Control Cable/Wire

SHONSIN Cable can supply various types of custom control cables, in various AWG sizes, voltage ratings, compounds, shielding constructions, and conductor counts. Flexibility is a concern when choosing a control cable.  It is important to understand if the control cable will need to be flexible or if it will be continuously flexed. Custom Control Cable Wire that will be continuously flexed in process automation can require different constructions compared to a cable that simply needs to be flexible so that it can be routed in a product correctly and still function properly.

SHONSIN Control Cable/Wire Applications

There are many and varied flat and woven cable applications, these include but are not limited to:

· Assembly Lines

· Robotics

· Power distribution

Control cable wire can be used for other applications. The electrical requirements need to be considered as well as the environment before knowing if a control cable can be used for a specific application.

SHONSIN Cable Differentiators / Advantages for Control Cable

SHONSIN Cable can supply control cable wire with low minimum production quantities and competitive lead times.  We can assist in the design of the perfect control cable wire for the intended application.

SHONSIN Control Cable Technical Specifications

SHONSIN offers bulk control cable in the following ranges of technical specifications:

  • UL Type: UL2464, UL2725, UL20276

  • VW-1, FT2 Fire Resistant Standard

  • RoHS, REACH, California 65 Standard

  • 32 AWG to 10 AWG, 2 to 40 conductors including a ground

  • Individual conductors have black PVC/Nylon insulation and are marked with identification numbers

  • Shielded versions include both an overall aluminum Mylar foil tape with drain wire and tinned copper braid for maximum effectiveness against external electrical noise interference

  • Rugged PVC or Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) outer jacket or Silicone Rubber

  • Flexibility for easy installation

  • Pre-cut is available

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