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We can accommodate any specific customization for your cable, with a wide variety of conductor, insulation, and shielding etc. Should you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

SHONSIN Cable specializes in custom designed cables and special wire construction. If a UL cable is not suitable or applicable for your products, we can customize and design a cable according to your exact requirements and specifications. Whether you need a custom speaker cable, special composite cable or an entirely new cable designed exclusively for your new product, we can offer a highly professional custom cable service to match your needs. 

As a company, we place great value on our reputation. It is for this reason that SHONSIN Cable uses and sources only the very best materials in our custom made wires and cables. This not only assures quality but also safety, which in turn results in longevity in our products, making it one of the best that is currently available on the market.  Our cables are made with only the best and highest quality materials. We work with a wide array of affiliates in multiple countries, in Europe, North America, and Asia which help us maintain the quality of our products and services. This also allows us to not only meet the industry standards but also exceed it. 

SHONSIN Cable caters to a multitude and a very diverse clientele, and our close and continued relationship with them is proof of our dedication and tireless innovation in the cable and wire manufacturing industry. This speaks not only to our products' outstanding quality but also of our company' s vision and goals.

SHONSIN Cable greatly looks forward to providing you with the best, high quality, and durable custom wires and cables you need in your business. We have PVC wires and cables, silicone flexible cable, XLPE insulated cable, TPE cable, XLPVC cable and so on. Whatever cable or wire you need, SHONSIN Cable is here to provide it for you, wherever and whenever.

All Popular Custom Cable Categories

Our usual custom cables can be further subdivided into the material, application, appearance and performance. Click on the category or the image to see our popular cables & wires.

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    Silicone Wire
    Silicone wire and cable is an excellent choice for high temperature, high voltage, and applications requiring extremely flexible wire or cable.
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    XLPE Cable
    Shonsin XLPE Cable is also called LSZH Cable ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen ) that emit limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.
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    PVC Cable
    PVC insulated cable use PVC as insulation, which is an abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride a thermoplastic material, is a widely used wire.
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    TPE Cable
    Thermoplastic Elastomer, also referred to as TPE, is sometimes considered Thermoplastic Rubber, or TPR. It is widely used as an insulating material for wires and cables.
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    XLPVC Cable
    XLPVC or Cross-linked Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoset insulation material. The molecular structure of the polymer chains changes when crosslinking polymers.
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    FEP Cable
    FEP stands for Fluorinated ethylene propylene. It is a type of fluoroplastic that is used as a cable outer to insulate and protect temperature sensor wire.
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    Tinsel Wire
    Where frequent bending occurs and the current-carrying capacity requirement is low, such as in the cords of wired telephones.
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    Silver Copper Cable
    Electrical Cable with silver copper or pure silver conductor is usually used for speaker wires and for audiophiles which require the best sound quality.
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    Speaker Wire
    Shonsin Speaker Wire concentrate on the pursuit of perfect sound. We built our expertise through the constant evolution of cables' designs and manufacturing methods.
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    Battery Cable
    SHONSIN Battery Cable can be customized from 30AWG to 2AWG. It has a temperature rating of -76℉(-60°C) to 392°F (200°C), and is RoHS & REACH compliant.
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    Hook up Wire
    Hook-up wire is in the family of lead wire that may be used for low-voltage, low current applications and is a single insulated conductor.
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    Control Cable
    Control cables are multi-conductor cables used in automation and instrumentation applications. Control cables can measure and regulate transmissions of automated processes.
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    Power Cable
    Usually held together with an overall sheath, a power wire is a type of electrical cable, an assembly of one or more electrical conductors. It is used for transmission of electrical power.
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    Automotive Wire
    SHONSIN Automotive Wire is a kind of fire-resistant cable, It has a temperature rating of -40℉(-40°C) to 221°F (105°C), and is RoHS & REACH compliant.
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    Elevator cable
    Elevator traveling cable is a vital link between the elevator car and controller. In conventional elevators, all power and signal information is transmitted through the traveling cable.
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    Wire Harness
    A cable harness, also known as a wire harness, wiring harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom.
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    Multi conductor cable
    A multi-conductor cable is defined as"an electrical cable which consists of multiple numbers of conductors with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable".
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    Coaxial Cable
    An electrical cable that has an inner conductor enclosed by a tubular insulating layer, and then enclosed again, this time, by a tubular conducting shield, is commonly referred to as Coaxial cable.
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    Twisted Pair Cable
    Shonsin Twisted Pair Cable is a type of wiring in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of improving electromagnetic compatibility.
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    Ribbon Cable
    A ribbon cable is a flat, thin cable composed of multiple small-grade cables placed parallel to each other.
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    Shielded Cable
    An electrical cable with one or more insulated conductors enclosed by a common conductive layer is defined as a shielded cable also called screened cable.
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    Flat Cable
    Flat cables are very flexible wires which are also referred to as FCC (Flat Flexible Cables). Flat Cables came about as a direct result of increasing demand for new, smaller and thinner electronic dev...
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    Thin Wire
    A wire that has a gauge of around 34AWg up to 28AWG and with a 30 volts voltage rating, is called a thin wire.
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    Braided Cable
    A copper braided cable can be a coaxial cable or a shielded cable. They are typically made with four or five internal layers which includes one or a multi-inner copper conductors.
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    Flex Cable
    Shonsin Flex Cable with 0.08mm or 0.06mm copper conductor which can greatly improve flex performance. Especially for large electrical cable.
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    UL Wire
    UL cable is cable that has been certified to meet UL, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. stringent standards.
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    Fire Resistant Cable
    UL VW-1 &CSA FT1 is the most common standard for fire resistant cable. During emergency situations such as a fire, it is imperative that emergency equipment.
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    LSZH Cable
    LSZH Cable is the most common type of XLPE Cable. LSZH cable or wire refers to cables where the cable jacketing and insulation is made with materials that produce low and or limited smoke and non-toxi...
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    High Temperature Wire
    Wires with a temperature rating of 125°C or higher, is often defined as high temperature wire. Although high-temperature can also refer to temperature ratings as low as 105°C.
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    Low Voltage Cable
    For electrical equipment with a voltage rating between 12 to 1000V for alternating current and between 12 and 30V for direct current, low voltage cables, also referred to as LV cables, are used.
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    High Voltage Cable
    If a wire or cable is rated for use of over 1000 volts, it is already classified as high voltage cable. It can be used to describe a single wire or a multi-conductor cable.
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    Medium Voltage Cable
    Medium voltage cables or MV cables, is one of the three categories of cables that is classified based on its voltage capacity. For a medium voltage cable, it is 300 to 1000 Volts. It can be used to re...
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    Digital Caliper
    SHONSIN Absolute Scale Digital Caliper, 6"/150mm Caliper Measuring Tool, 0.0005"/0.01mm Resolution, IP54 Waterproof Stainless Steel Micrometer Vernier Caliper, Large LCD, Extreme Accuracy
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    Type C Cable
    USB C to C Cable 100W 20V 5A, SHONSIN Type C Charging Cable E-Marker Chip Built-in, 480 Mbps Data Transfer, for Apple MacBook, iPad Pro/Air, Galaxy Note, Google Pixel

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