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Elevator traveling cable is a vital link between the elevator car and controller. In conventional elevators, all power and signal information is transmitted through the traveling cable. Elevator traveling cable is a specialized multi-conductor cable continually in motion and must last for many years.

Description of SHONSIN Elevator Cable

SHONSIN is a Lift elevator traveling cable manufacturer, our lift traveling cable offers clients graded, logical engineering solutions meeting your specific needs and industrial requirements. We have a full control of our supply chain and manufacturing process, thereby we can provide you with the best quality on the market from the drawing (single wire & multi-wire) to the extrusion (insulation & sheathing), passing through the wire assembling (bunching).


It is important to highlight that elevator and lift traveling cables should be designed for the minimum strain on the copper conductors, and can be with a round or flat configuration. The round configuration has great flexibility in terms of the number and size of the components within one cable. The Type configuration, which is its own variation, is extremely suitable within space-constricted areas. The flat configuration has a parallel structure and is made up of all components set side by side with an overall sheath.

Features of SHONSIN Elevator Cable

The main requirements for the elevator cable and lift cables, which SHONSIN Cable excels at, are:

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Torsional balance

  • Minimize vibrations

  • Abrasion resistance

  • VW-1 Flame resistance

  • -40℃ Low-temperature performance

Application of SHONSIN Elevator Cable

The Elevator or lift cables are the link between the controller and elevator trolley and are responsible for the power and signal transmission. They are usually multi-conductor cables constantly in motion, it is for this reason that they need to have a long life. This makes them a vital part of the daily operation of an elevator. It is this vital role they play that makes their longevity and safety paramount to SHONSIN elevator traveling cable. With us, you can be assured of premium quality elevator cables that will provide you with peace of mind due to the guaranteed safety it brings.

Today, elevator traveling cables contain different sizes of wire and components depending on their final aim. Standard elevator cables should be used for signaling and telecommunication/data circuits. In order to minimize electrical and electromagnetic interferences, the optical fiber can be used to ensure a better performance.


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