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SHONSIN FEP insulated wires and cables also show extremely low flammability, excellent weather resistance and electrical stability. SHONSIN FEP insulated wires are commonly used in chemical, electrical, and medical applications. SHONSIN FEP insulated wires can maintain their performance over a wide temperature range. Fluorinated ethylene propylene, commonly known as FEP, is a fluoropolymer that is usually extruded into insulation and jacket materials for wires and cables. In addition, FEP can be used as a dielectric foam in coaxial cables.

Description of SHONSIN FEP Cable

Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene is a type of fluoropolymer commonly extruded as both an insulation and jacket material for wire and cable. FEP exhibits outstanding resistance to chemicals, has a wide temperature range and excellent electrical properties. Due to these physical and electrical characteristics, FEP cable is a popular choice for use in numerous industries. The most impressive characteristic of FEP cable is that the FEP insulation can be very thin.


SHONSIN Cable can offer custom FEP cable solutions with quick turnarounds and low minimums. FEP cable is the compound of choice for high-temperature plenum environments. Another common use for FEP is as an insulation and filler material in TEC cable, used in the oil and gas industry. Other than PTFE, FEP is the only other readily available fluoropolymer that has comparable resistance when it comes to corrosion. This is mainly due to its fully fluorinated and carbon-fluorine structure. In some coating applications (e.g. applications involving exposure to detergents) FEP is even superior to that of PTFE. 


Applications of SHONSIN FEP Cable

FEP is a form of fluoropolymer insulation. FEP is very resistant to chemicals, has a broad temperature range and it exhibits excellent electrical properties. Due to these physical and electrical characteristics, FEP cable is an excellent choice for use in chemical, medical, electronic, and aerospace industries and other electronic applications as listed below.  

  • Aviation wiring

  • Aerospace wiring

  • Electronics wiring

  • Medical wiring

  • Appliance wiring

  • Lighting industry

  • Oil and gas industry applications

  • Chemical industry applications

Technical Specifications of SHONSIN FEP Cable

  • Nominal temperature rating is -80°C to 200°C

  • It has excellent fire resistance

  • It also has excellent chemical and UV resistance

  • Durability is good

  • FEP is rigid

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