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Flat cables are very flexible wires which are also referred to as FCC (Flat Flexible Cables). Flat Cables came about as a direct result of increasing demand for new, smaller and thinner electronic devices. 

Description of Flat Cables

Tinned copper or OFC conductors are the most common materials for custom flat cable. These custom flat cables are then insulated with flexible insulation materials ( like PVC, Silicone ). When invisible circuitry is needed, the high flex life and low torque property of flat cables make them the most ideal cable. Also, all the malfunction and wiring error sources are eliminated, thanks to their parallel conductor geometry.

Small dimensions, low profile, weight reduction, narrow width, and fine pitch are some of the most common attributes of flat cables as are their mechanical strength. These characteristics make cumbersome insulation completely unnecessary, hence saving precious space and allowing them to hug surfaces using the space in a more efficient way. Other added benefits are their greater strength, greater current carrying capacity and reduction of skewing effect. When added altogether these benefits make their electrical characteristics (inductance, time delay, crosstalk, etc.) consistent.

Application of Flat Cables

Flat Cables are used in a wide array of applications and devices. From aerospace and telecommunications to medical displays and robotics, including household equipment, IT equipment, and consumer electronics like LCD flat panels, printers, and plasma display panels, flat cables are extensively utilized in many different industries.

SHONSIN's Flat Cables

In order to make flat cables that are completely dependable, easy and quick to be installed, premium quality is essential. Regardless of which Flat Cable you need, SHONSIN is a custom flat cable manufacturer, we are able to design and manufacture efficient and high-quality lines for the production of Flat Cable from the wire conductors with our drawing machines (single wire or a multi-wire version with in-line annealing), to the final insulation of the most hybrid flat cables with our extruders suitable for a wide range of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials. Our proven expertise in the field allows us to tailor the most productive and cost-effective solution meeting your single need and industry requirements.

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