How to Clean Silicone Cable?

How to Clean Silicone Cable?

With the continuous development of the industry, more and more silicone sheathed wires are entering the daily lives of the masses. They have many excellent characteristics, but in the process of use, it will inevitably be contaminated with dust particles, etc., making it unsightly and even dirty on the surface, requiring cleaning and care.

If there is a lot of dust on the surface of the silicone product, you can use transparent adhesive tape or sealing tape to stick and remove it, then the dust will be stuck on the transparent tape and the surface of the silicone product will be clean. This method is the easiest and most effective way to clean the dust on the surface of silicone products, but it may not be convenient to operate for some dead angles in special structures.

For the dead corners that cannot be stuck with transparent tape, you can take the silicone product apart and rinse it with tap water. After rinsing, remember to dry it or blow it dry. Why not wipe with a cloth or tissue? Because cloth and tissues are easy to leave some dust, if someone work hard to clean with them, as a result, it returned to the original state after wiping, and even worse.

1. Rinse it with clean water. Household silicone cable is easy to be stained with grease and other oils. At this time, you can apply a little soap and then rinse with water to keep it clean. It should be noted that the times of rinses with water should not be too frequent, otherwise they will slowly turn yellow.

2. Toothpaste is a good cleaning agent for silicone cables. Applying it on the product and repeatedly wiping with a soft cloth can also achieve a good cleaning effect.

3. Alcohol is also a good tool for cleaning silicone sheathed wire, that is, dip a soft cloth with a little alcohol and wipe it gently.

4. Eraser is also a good cleaning product, which can be used to wipe the dirt on the surface of the silicone cable for many times, and then rinse it with clean water.

5. For the silicone products industry, the more professional cleaning method is to use white gas, which is a colorless liquid with high fat solubility and high volatility, with strong decontamination ability. Just sprinkle or apply a small amount of white gas on the surface or part of the dirty silicone cable, and it can easily restore its bright and beautiful appearance.

If the dirt in the silicone product that can't even be cleaned by white gas, don't try to clean it again. 99% of it can't be cleaned because the dirt has penetrated into the silicone product. Silica gel is originally an inert material with very stable chemical properties. Generally, dirt is only adsorbed on the surface and is easy to clean. However, once the silicone product is infiltrated by dirt, the possibility that it can be cleaned is almost none.