Identify the Quality of Silicone Insulated Cables Through the Insulation Layer

Identify the Quality of Silicone Insulated Cables Through the Insulation Layer

Ⅰ. How to identify the quality of silicone insulated cables?

At present, there are many types, specifications and models of silicone insulated cables on the market. In addition, a variety of fake and inferior silicone insulated cables are flooding. Many customers do not know how to start when choosing silicone insulated cables. In fact, silicone insulated cables can be selected according to the cable sheath. As the cost of silicone insulated cable sheath is relatively low, it is obvious that the silicone insulated cables with poor cable sheath is not very good. 

Ⅱ. The specific operations of checking the quality of insulation layer of silicone insulated cable

1. Pulling: The high-quality insulating layer is not easy to deform and crack when pulled hard.

2. Folding: Take out a small piece of silicone insulated cable and bend it at will, without breaks or white marks at the bend, and the whole wire is silky and firm.

3. Grinding: The insulating layer is constantly rubbed, and the insulating layer is not damaged, and the surface layer is bright, indicating that the material is firm.

4. High temperature: Put the silicone insulated cable sheath under the sun to expose it to the sun. The cable sheath will not fade or melt. It has strong and reliable properties. The molecular formula is stable at high temperatures, and it is not easy to dissolve. The high-quality insulation layer can have a variety of resistance.

5. Smoke control: if the cable is ignited, the fake and inferior cable sheath will cause many exhaust pipes to emit black smoke, and the high-quality insulation layer only has a small amount of mist. In the event of a fire accident, the dense exhaust pipe will stop the smoke from emitting black smoke. Escape, the visibility distance of the high-quality insulating layer is up to 60 meters, which further improves the probability of escape.

7. Odorless: Fake and inferior silicone insulated cable sheath has a choking odor, and the high-quality protective insulation layer does not produce reactive odors and cause choking nose even when it is ignited.