Multi conductor cable Multi conductor cable Multi conductor cable

A multi-conductor cable is defined as"an electrical cable which consists of multiple numbers of conductors with insulation sheaths placed in a single cable". In the construction of multi-conductor cables, strands of copper wires are utilized in SHONSIN Cable.

Description of SHONSIN Multi-Conductor Cable

SHONSIN UL Multi Conductor Cable: UL2464, UL2725, UL20276

A cable that has more than one conductor is considered a multi-conductor cable. However, when the cable has only one conductor, it is considered a hook up wire or lead wire. It is also possible to add conductors to it, so it would then be known as a multi-conductor cable. Another term used to describe a multi-conductor cable is multicore or multi-core which is the term that is predominantly used in Europe.

Multi-conductor cables can have as few as two conductors and as many as 100 or more conductors. These conductors, or wires, can be twisted in pairs, triads, quads or they can be concentrically laid throughout the cable. Depending on such factors as desired electrical performance, temperature, voltage, environmental factors, etc.

the overall construction of the cable will vary. It can also be made with various types of shielding. There are several possible materials that can be used as shielding for the multi-conductor cables.  Foil shields, braid shields, or spiral shields are just some of these possible shielding materials. Depending upon the application and desired functionality of the multi-conductor cable, the use of shielding will differ.

Applications of SHONSIN Multi-Conductor Cables

There are several applications for multi-conductor cables. Audio recording systems (audio multi-core cable), video cameras, television studios, and camera control systems are just a few examples. These cables are also used in remote-control circuits, data transmission systems, audio and sound systems, actuator control systems, and public address systems. Multi-conductor cables are also used in communication systems, high voltage power transmission and so on. 

These cables are a key tool in a wide range of industries, and everyday applications due to their versatility, ruggedness, and countless customization choices. SHONSIN is a multi conductor cable wire manufacturer supplies multi-conductor power wire to various markets in the following industries:

  • Industrial Applications

  • Automation Controls

  • Aerospace Applications

  • Signal and Data Applications

  • Communication Applications

  • Military Applications

  • Transit Applications

  • Power and High Voltage Applications

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