Custom Cable Design & Manufacturing

We can accommodate any specific customization for your cable, with a wide variety of conductor, insulation, and shielding etc. Should you have any additional inquiries, please feel free to contact us at

According to performance, SHONSIN can customize various cables for your needs, such as Flex Cable, UL Wire, Fire Resistant Cable, LSZH Cable, High Temperature Wire, Low Voltage Cable, High Voltage Cable, Medium Voltage Cable.

All Popular Custom Cable Categories

Our usual custom cables can be further subdivided into the material, application, appearance and performance. Click on the category or the image to see our popular cables & wires.

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    Flex Cable
    Shonsin Flex Cable with 0.08mm or 0.06mm copper conductor which can greatly improve flex performance. Especially for large electrical cable.
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    UL Wire
    UL cable is cable that has been certified to meet UL, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. stringent standards.
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    Fire Resistant Cable
    UL VW-1 &CSA FT1 is the most common standard for fire resistant cable. During emergency situations such as a fire, it is imperative that emergency equipment.
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    LSZH Cable
    LSZH Cable is the most common type of XLPE Cable. LSZH cable or wire refers to cables where the cable jacketing and insulation is made with materials that produce low and or limited smoke and non-toxi...
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    High Temperature Wire
    Wires with a temperature rating of 125°C or higher, is often defined as high temperature wire. Although high-temperature can also refer to temperature ratings as low as 105°C.
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    Low Voltage Cable
    For electrical equipment with a voltage rating between 12 to 1000V for alternating current and between 12 and 30V for direct current, low voltage cables, also referred to as LV cables, are used.
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    High Voltage Cable
    If a wire or cable is rated for use of over 1000 volts, it is already classified as high voltage cable. It can be used to describe a single wire or a multi-conductor cable.
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    Medium Voltage Cable
    Medium voltage cables or MV cables, is one of the three categories of cables that is classified based on its voltage capacity. For a medium voltage cable, it is 300 to 1000 Volts. It can be used to re...

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