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Electrical Cable with silver copper or pure silver conductor is called Silver Copper Cable, usually used for speaker wires and for audiophiles which require the best sound quality. Silver Copper conductor is also used for some durable electrical wire because the sliver layer can offer protection for the copper oxidization. SHONSIN Silver Copper Cable uses a high-quality Silver Copper conductor to provide you with the best silver copper cable.

What's the Difference between Different Conductor Materials?

  • Silver: Silver offers slightly lower resistance than copper and better sound quality, but it oxidizes very slowly. It is also considerably more expensive than copper. This means that a thicker copper wire will actually still be cheaper to buy. Another disadvantage of silver is that, it is very fragile, the silver wire easily breaks, because the pure silver wire is too soft to twist.

  • Silver Plated Copper: Silver plated Copper comes at a much more reasonable price, there are several advantages for it. First, it is easier to twist as OFC. Second, the silver layer will protect the copper from oxidization. Third, the signal is always on the surface which means the silver-plated copper will have better sound quality.

  • Oxygen-free Copper (OFC):  Copper is the most commonly used material for speaker wire. Its cost is reasonable and it has a good level of conductivity, i.e. it provides a low level of resistance in the wire. However, copper does oxidize - the surface can become coated with a thin layer of copper oxide that cannot resist oxidization. The oxidized copper will cause huge electrical resistance of the cable which can become an issue for sound quality.

  • Tinned Copper: Tinned Copper conductor is very common for general hook up wire. However, Tin does oxidize - the surface can become coated with a thin layer of tin oxide which can protect the copper from corrosion and from continued been oxidization. This, in turn, can prolong the cable's service life.


Silver Plated Copper / Pure Silver Conductor for Speaker Wire

Where cost and economical use is concerned Silver plated Copper comes at a much more reasonable price, and it comes with its own several advantages. With SHONSIN's Silver plated copper, you get the best of both worlds. First, you will get to experience the high-quality sounds that are typically produced by silver wires. And second, silver's exorbitant price is not a factor. The combination of the two materials provides the answer to the long-debated topic of which material is best suited for speaker wires.

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