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In the manufacturing of twisted pair cables, SHONSIN Cable has fine-tuned its manufacturing processes to create both high performing and consistent signal cables, lot after lot. Twisted pair is the ordinary copper wire that connects home and many business computers to the telephone company. To reduce crosstalk or electromagnetic induction between pairs of wires, two insulated copper wires are twisted around each other. Each connection on twisted pair requires both wires.

Description of SHONSIN Twisted Pair Cable


Twisted Pair Wire Cable is a construction in which two conductors of a single circuit are twisted together for the purposes of canceling out electromagnetic interference (EMI). Twisted Pair Wire Cable Engineers often combat signal loss and excess attenuation by specifying pairing of individual cable components. While the twisting of these pairs is beneficial as it improves the cables signal characteristics, a drawback is that the cable core tends to bulk up to a larger core diameter when comparing them to their similar untwisted cable styles.


These designs can be relatively simple combining many of the same pairs into a Multi-Pair Cable, or they can be Complex Constructions with subgroups of pairs with individual and isolated shields and ground wires. When it comes to Complex Pair Constructions with both common and isolated shield groups, the number of possible designs is truly limitless.


Materials of SHONSIN Twisted Pair Cable


First, our Engineers choose the proper conductor, type of insulation, and wall thickness to give the pair its specific capacitance and impedance characteristics. Next, understanding that tighter manufacturing tolerances will result in more accurate cable performance, hence we manufacture the cables based on our customer’s specifications, taking into account certain factors like adjusting and maintaining hyper accurate product centers and wall thicknesses.


Advantages of SHONSIN Twisted Pair Cable


The fact that impedance and capacitance are derived from the wall thickness separating the conductors and the dielectric constant of the specific insulating polymer, it stands to reason that a higher degree of manufacturing accuracy will result in a precise performing cable. Hence, we greatly emphasize manufacturing our cables according to our customer’s exact specifications.


Next, the pairs are assembled into their planned arrangement and overall shields and separators can be added if desired. Finally, a suitable jacket material in any custom color you prefer will finish off your custom creation. SHONSIN has a wide selection of jacketing polymers and UL Styles to satisfy most custom applications.

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