What Management Issues are Involved in the Silicone Wire and Cable Production Process?

What Management Issues are Involved in the Silicone Wire and Cable Production Process?

The production process of silicone wire production process is a well-balanced layout process involving many aspects of knowledge. Today let's learn about the various aspects of knowledge of silicone wire cable process.

(1) Production process and equipment layout

All kinds of equipment in the production workshop must be discharged reasonably according to the process flow required by the products, so that the semi-finished products in each stage can flow in sequence. Equipment configuration should take into account the different production efficiency and balance the production capacity, some equipment may have to be configured with two or more sets, in order to balance the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the reasonable combination of equipment selection and the layout of the production site must be balanced and considered according to the product and production volume.

(2) Production organization management

Production organization and management must be scientific and rational, thorough and accurate, strict and meticulous. Operators must meticulously perform according to the process requirements, and any problems with any of the links will affect the smooth flow of the process and affect the quality and delivery of the product. Especially for multi-core cables, if the length of a wire pair or basic unit is short, or if there is a problem with the quality, the whole cable will not be long enough, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if a unit is too long, it must be sawn off, resulting in waste.

(3) Quality management

With the production method of large-length sequential stacks and combinations, the slightest problem at any point in the production process will affect the quality of the entire silicone wire cable. The more a quality defect occurs on the inside and is not detected in time to terminate production, the more damage it causes. Because the production of wire and cable is different from assembled products, which can be disassembled for reassembly and replacement with other parts. A quality problem in any part of the cable or process is almost irreparable for this cable. The aftermath was all very negative, either sawing it short or downgrading it, or scrapping the entire cable. It could not be disassembled and reassembled.

The quality management of wire and cable must run through the entire production process. Quality control and inspection department should inspect the whole production process, such as touring inspection, operator self-inspection and mutual inspection of upper and lower working procedures. This is an important guarantee and means to ensure product quality and improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise.