Shonsin Profile

Shonsin Profile

Shonsin Electronics Co., Ltd ( Shonsin Cable ) was established in 2006.


Ever since it was established by Zhou Xinhua, 15 years ago, Shonsin Cable has dedicated itself in manufacturing only the best quality electrical wires and cables. Throughout the past 15 years, we have established a reputable name in the cable and wire manufacturing industry. And, over the years, we have seen tremendous growth in business that is still growing as evidenced by our most recent business venture in the ethical manufacturing of PVC plastic. This is primarily due to the premium quality, fast delivery & excellent post-sales service that we consistently provide our customers. The principles that governed us and helped us grow from a small time cable manufacturer, to one of the leading wire and cable manufacturer and supplier in the region, remains firmly entrenched in our company culture today. To this day, we constantly work to bring our customers products that are unrivaled in quality, design, and reliability at a competitive price.


To this day, Shonsin Cable remains a family owned business with values deeply rooted in respect, ethical treatment of the environment, and innovation which has been passed down from our nascent years and remains to be core values of the company today.


Shonsin Cable has an insatiable desire to innovate and find new and better ways to provide you with the best cable products in the market. It is this desire for innovation and improvement that we have obtained UL, cUL, CCC, SGS, REACH & RoHS Certifications which are all testaments, not just for the quality of our product, but also to our dedication in providing you with excellent and consistent service. Every day we strive to provide superior products with unequaled service and support. Our technical support team has set the industry standard for knowledgeable advice, quick and easy to follow troubleshooting guides, and the most courteous customer service available anywhere.


Shonsin Cable is located in Dongguan City, China.

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