XLPVC Cable XLPVC Cable XLPVC Insulated Cable Wire

XLPVC Insulated Cable Wire is tinned copper wires insulated with halogen-free materials for internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment. SHONSIN is a professional XLPVC insulated wire manufacturer, providing XLPVC wires suitable for household appliances, lighting equipment, electronic equipment, temperature sensors, military, and industrial products.

Description of SHONSIN XLPVC Cable/Wire

XLPVC Insulated Cable Wire temperature rating is 125℃. Compared to Thermoplastic materials (like PVC, TPE, PE), XLPVC insulation will not melt exposure to high temperatures. The insulation melting will cause an electrical fire which is very dangerous.


XLPVC insulation performs well at both high and low temperatures. XLPVC is extremely resistant to abrasion and other wear and tear thanks to its structure. Crosslink wire also boasts resistance to high voltage electricity, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Crosslinked PVC insulation is also a more affordable option. SHONSIN XLPVC cable range is widely used for safe power distribution in different applications. This is basically a circuit breaker & ensure safe transmission & distribution of electricity. Our complete product range is available in different specifications in order to meet the diverse requirements of the industry.

XLPVC cable can be used for plumbing, mining, and various electrical applications. Crosslinked PVC cables can also be found across the chemical industry and within the commercial and residential heating industry. Don’t forget about dentist's offices and other medical institutions, grounds keeping at stadiums and other venues, and much more.

Features of SHONSIN XLPVC Cable/Wire

  • Thermoset Insulation

  • Temperature Rating: -20℃~+125℃

  • Voltage Rating: 30V~600V

  • Conductor: 32 AWG - 2 AWG Stranded.

  • Fire Resistant: UL VW-1 & CSA FT1

  • RoHS Compliant

  • REACH Compliant

  • Resistant to acids, oils, alkalis, moisture & fungi.

  • Rigidity (Disadvantage)

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